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v4.6.1 for Android
Android 4.2+
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October 5, 2023

MeChat Review:

Moddroid MeChat is a dating app, however, this dating app is different from others. MeChat is a game in which you date virtual people or more specifically fictional characters. At first, you will choose your character, for example, how you look, the way you dress, etc then you will name your character and finally, you will be automatically matched with your partner whom you can date in the future or just become friends, it will be all up to you and that is what makes Moddroid MeChat a unique app.

Unlike other dating apps, in this app, you will be given choices and your choices will determine your player’s future, so it won’t be wrong to say that this app is more like a personalized game where you will be allowed to make decisions of your fictional life and ultimately those decisions will determine your relationship with the other person, you could be friends with them, you can date them, you can break up and you can even marry them, it is all up to you. This was the detailed introduction of Moddroid MeChat APK, now to understand this app in a better way let’s look at the features of this app and then we will share our review on this app, what are we waiting for? let’s begin.

Mod Features:

A Dating App:

Though technically this app is a dating app; it seems more like a “choices game” where you can choose for your player and whatever you choose will have a direct or indirect effect on your player’s love life so be careful while making choices.

You are Given Choices:

The unique feature of this app is, that you are given 2 to 3 options about how to carry on a conversation and you can select those options according to your own preference once you do this, the game will progress.

Customize your Character:

In this app, you have been given an opportunity to make your player look whatever way you want it to look. you can change its clothes, hair, gender, body shape, even its features and whatnot.

Adult Game:

This app is specifically designed for adults who get bored while sitting all day in their homes, they can download this game and have some fun if they want to

More Benefits of Moddroid MeChat:

  • Safe to use
  • It is simple to use
  • The user interface is easy
  • Does not take up huge storage in the phone
  • Easy to download
  • Choice game
  • Virtual dating

Our Review on Moddroid MeChat:

Now here comes our review of this app, though Moddroid MeChat APK is a popular game; It is not suitable for kids to play as it has content that is not suitable for kids to watch, but if you are an adult then it is completely your choice if you want to consume this type of content or not after all this game is fun to play and it is one of the most popular virtual dating choice app game so if you wanna download it then click on the download button on this page and this app will be downloaded on your phone.

Pros and Cons:


  • Fun to play
  • Simple to use
  • Unique theme


  • Can manipulate the reality of life
  • Adult content
  • Not suitable for kids

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In this article, we have covered all the important details of Moddroid MeChat APK, like, the intro, features of our review, and pros and cons. We tried our best to solve all your queries about this app however if you have any questions then comment down below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.