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v4.3.9.1 for Android
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Android 4.2+
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August 20, 2023

CC Play Review:

is your mobile phone not compatible with the play store or are you looking for an alternate mobile app downloader store from where you can download unlimited games and apps? if yes, then you have come to the exact right place because today we have brought an amazing app for you that is CC Play APK, it is simply an alternate option to the play store, in fact, I will say that this app is a better option than the play store especially if you are living in china or even if you are someone who loves Chinese culture or more specifically if you are someone who loves to play Chinese games because play store does not support Chinese games and even if it does support then still you will only find a few handful apps there so, in this case, cc play apk is the perfect option for you and in this article, we will be dealing with the introduction, features as well as fe interesting points about the CC Play APK. so what are we waiting for? let’s begin.

What is CC Play APK?

CC Play APK is an app store specially designed for those people who are looking for an app store that supports Chinese games and apps so if you are someone who loves Chinese games then download this app now and enjoy and even if you do not love to play Chinese games then no problem this app store has also got some pretty amazing top-rated apps to give them a look you might find an app according to your taste. This app store has proved to be the best app store of 2024, the features of this app are incredible and worth appreciation so let us see the features of this app to understand this app store in some detail.


Free app store:

This app store is completely free of cost which means you do not have to pay even a single penny to download any app from this app store. All kinds of games and other apps can be downloaded freely without any restriction in fact you do not even need to sign up for your Google account in this app.

Chinese Language Interface:

As this app is designed especially for the Chinese people so it has a Chinese language interface which means the original language that has been set up in this app is Chinese but do not worry if you do not understand Chinese because you can change the language of this app from the settings of this app.

Upload your own games:

This is my personal favorite feature of this app, if you are a game developer then this game has a fantastic opportunity for you, you can upload your very own personalized game into this app store and can earn money from it.

this app store has also a search bar option where you can search the games and apps that you want to download or are looking for.

More Benefits of CC Play APK

  • Updated
  • No bugs
  • Simple user interface
  • Suitable for Chinese people or for those who understand the Chinese language
  • Provides opportunities for gamed developers
  • Free of cost
  • Various games

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CC Play APK is one of the most wonderful app stores; it is completely free of cost and provides amazing opportunities for game developers in this article, I have described all the important features of this app as well as the language interface and other main features of this app if you want to download this app then click on the download button on this page and the app store will be downloaded on your device and through that app store you can download various apps.