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New BoxSkin 2024

v14.5 for Android
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Android 4.2+
9.5 MB
September 27, 2023

New BoxSkin 2024 Review:

Box Skin Injector 2024 APK is a wonderful tool to customize the players of the mobile legend bang bang game. who is not familiar with the mobile legend bang bang game? obviously, everyone knows this game and loves to play it not only that but gamers are very sensitive about the player’s costumes and skins but there is a problem in this game and that is it has few features in it that aren’t accessible to everyone which means only those people can access those features who pay for it and as a matter of fact these premium features are really really expensive, every gamer can not afford them. you might ask one question now, so does this mean that we can’t get access to the premium features of the mobile legend bang bang game without money? so the answer is, no, absolutely not; you can get access to the premium features of the mobile legend bang bang game without spending even a penny, only with one click you will get all the premium features. Wondering how? download the new boxskin 2024 apk now and enjoy the unlimited features of MLBB for free.

What is Box Skin Injector 2024 APK?

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It is an apk file to download a cheat app widely known as new box skin. As you can understand from the name that this app deals with skins, yeah, it does deal with other features too but this app is specially designed to gain access to a variety of heroes and their skins for free. this app is a box of skins. you will find each and every type of skin of your favorite heroes in this app and the best part is you don’t have to pay even one rupee. so without dragging things let’s look at the wonderful features of this amazing app.


  • Different skins for different heroes:
    Every hero has different skins in this app. Now you won’t find the same skins for different heroes in MLBB using the updated version of the new box skin injector 2024 apk file because now this incredible app has got different types of skins for different players. for instance, different painted skins are available, you will get various skins for free for assassins, marksmen, etc.
  • Recall:
    When a player dies in an MLBB game, you can not call that person to live again without spending money, but new box skin injector allows you to recall your allies for free, for example, you can call your allies to life again for free.
  • Upgraded skins:
    Now, not only different skins for different players but in the updated version of the new boxskin you can also upgrade your player’s skin.

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Other Effects:

  • Elimination
  • Notification
  • Respawn
  • Etc

More Benefits of New Box Skin Injector

  • Drone view
  • User friendly
  • No ads
  • Supported by Android devices
  • Easy to use
  • Top rated app

Bonus point:

If you were using the old version of the new box skin injector and you want to download the updated version of the new box skin 2024 then first you have to uninstall the older version from your mobile in order to download the updated version. click on the download button on our page and a file will be downloaded.

Is it a Cheat app?

Yes, it is a cheat app for sure. any game that interferes or violates the rules of the original game then it is called a cheat or a hack app. And new boxskin does interfere with the rules of the MLBB game so it won’t be wrong to name this app as a cheat app.

What’s New in the Updated Version?

Apps are updated to remove the errors or to fix the bugs of older versions so once an app is updated it becomes better, more user-friendly, and simple to use so the updated version of new box skin 2024 is far better than the original one.