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v1.0.8 for Android
Apps, Entertainment
Android 5.0+
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March 7, 2024

Vedu Review:

Sometimes it happens that you want to play a video on your device but your device does not support that video or you do not have any video player that supports that video so in this case what you need to do is download Vedu APK. You might be wondering what this app is all about and what are its features. I will give you a detailed introduction to this app but before moving ahead let me give you a detailed introduction to this app and only then we can proceed towards the features and other benefits. so without any delay let’s begin our topic.

What is Vedu APK?

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Vedu is a new app for watching movies and web series on Android devices. It is also a video and audio player app that supports almost all types of videos and audio. this app is totally free of cost and has the capacity to play almost any video media content like HD, Ultra HD, SD, 3PG, MP4, MP3, and many other media formats. There are lots more features of this app but I will only explain a few of the very important features here and the rest you can find on its own app. So let’s begin.


HD Quality Content

You will find many video players on the internet but there are only a few video players that are free of cost and still, they provide HD quality to their users, Vedu APK is one of those apps. The quality of the videos on this app is really worth talking about. It allows you to enjoy movies and web series in very high quality. It also allows you to download the content directly to your phone for offline viewing.

Download Movies and Web Series

On the Vedu app, you are able to download your favorite movies and web series on your phone to watch offline if you don’t have internet access.

Free of cost:

This app is totally free of cost, you can play an unlimited number of audio and video files for free of cost, there is no limit nor there is any premium plan of this app, and all the features are accessible to everyone. So now you do not need to buy subscription plans to view videos in HD quality when you can do it for free with the help of the Vedu app.

No Ads:

This is my personal favorite feature of this app. There are no ads on this app, yes which means now you will not be distracted by random ads while watching any video and I guess this is the best thing any app can offer, isn’t it?


I love the apps which offer their users the to customize their apps on their own, I love to make things personalized, so if you also love to make things personalized then this app is for you, in this app, you can customize the settings of the app such as brightness level and many more.


Sometimes it happens that the videos do not have proper audio so in that case subtitles help you to understand the basic concept of video fortunately this app has a subtitles option, so you can turn on the subtitles anytime you want to.

No subscription:

This app does not require any subscription, not it has any premium plan. all the users are equal and everyone can avail of features for free of cost and I guess these are the exact type of apps that we need.

More Benefits of the Vedu App

  • User friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Free to use
  • Easy to downloading
  • No registration hassle
  • Use anytime anywhere
  • New movies
  • New web series added
  • Adding new content on a daily base
  • Many more

Best Alternatives to Vedu

How can I download Vedu APK?

Unfortunately, this app is not available on the play store so you can not install it directly from the play store but do not worry, we have an alternate option. you can use our website “APKPlanet” to download this app on your device just click on the install or download button on our page and an apk file will be installed on your phone in a few seconds and through that file, you can install the app for free.