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3.1 for Android
Android 5 and Above
Raymodz Team
100 MB
February 22, 2024

Raymodz Review:

Hey everyone! We’re back with another great mod app that will make your game life easier. In this post, we’ll share the APK file for a changed version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang called “Raymond TV Modz” or “RayMods.” On this page, you can get free reviews of this app and a link to download it. Just read this page to find out what you need to know to start using this app.

The more competition there is in MLB, the less appealing it is becoming. Many new players are upset when they play with pros who have good skills, skins, effects, and a lot more. If you’re the kind of person who thinks this is your problem, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Download Raymond TV Modz APK for free on this page to obtain hack features like unlocked Skins, Drone Views, Unlimited Mana, Radar No Icon, MapHack Icon, and many more. Stay in touch with us to find out more about what this app can do.

What is Raymodz, or Raymond TV Modz?

raymodz apk icon

Raymond Official made a modified version of Mobile Legends called Raymond TV Modz or RayModz. It is also called RayModz. This lets users get free things like skins that are already unlocked, a drone view, endless mana, and much more. You can get the features you need from this app by letting the pop-up menu work for you. With this, you can make the change at any time during the game. This mod works well on all kinds of devices, whether they are rooted or not. You need a key to get into this app, though. But don’t worry, we also have the key below. Just copy and paste that. Here are some of the unique things about this app. Read them and see what you think. This app has a lot of functions that are like NP Modz.

Mod App Features:

Features of RayModz APK: This mod app has a lot of features, and all of the features listed here work on this app. But these might be changed with the Raymodz v2.5 update.

Lobby Hacking

  • It can open every skin.
  • Get all of the emblems.

Drone View Hack

  • Hacks up to 50X

Custom Hack

  • Wallhack
  • Auto-spawns
  • Doesn’t require a CD or attack speed

Map hack

  • Map Hack Icon can be turned on.
  • Also, Radar No Icon
  • It can be set to grass.

More Benefits

  • If your Android device has no root access. Then don’t worry it will work on both rooted and unrooted devices.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • There are no ads on the site.
  • You can always use the pop-up menu to change the features.
  • Has a Login Key.
  • Plus a lot more.

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Expert Review

RayModz, also called Raymond TV Modz, is a great tool that lets you change the MLBB quickly. It has all of the things that work that were stated above. You can get it here and run it on any phone with Android 5 or later. It works on both rooted and unrooted devices and doesn’t care if you have root access or not. Even though the hack’s creators say it’s safe, we think you should use a new account to try it out because it could hurt your game account.

Raymodz, or RayMond TV Modz Key

The mod app requires a key to log in or enter into the app. Just copy and paste the key to log in to the app.

How do I use MLBB with RayMond TV Modz?

If you knew the key, it would be very easy to use this app. Follow the instructions below.

  • First, click on the link above to get the most up-to-date version of this app.
  • Then you need to put it on your phone.
  • Open the app once it’s been installed, and it will tell you to allow the “open over apps” menu.
  • If you turn it on, a new screen will show in the app when you do that.
  • You can turn on the features you want by copying and pasting the password given above.
  • So, that’s it. You can now use the changed MLBB for free.


MLBB Raymond TV Modz offers free drone view, maphack, room hacks, and other cheats. You can get this great tool for free and use all of its features. We hope you enjoyed this post and will tell your friends about it. We’re glad you came to APKPlanet.