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Henrik Rydgard
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September 20, 2023

PPSSPP Gold Review:

Before heading towards anything complex, let us simplify things first, PPSSPP is an acronym for “PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably.” PPSSPP Gold is used to play PSP games (PlayStation games) such as Grand Theft Auto Vice City or God of war games. You can not have a smooth gaming experience on your android device or on a mobile phone without PSP emulators. Emulators help to maintain a smooth gaming experience, similarly, the PPSSPP is an updated version of the PSP. We have learned the basics of PSP, now we will have a brief introduction to the updated version of the PPSSPP app.

A Brief Intro to PPSSPP Gold:

PPSSPP Gold icon

In simple words, PPSSPP Gold is a new, updated version of PPSSPP that allows you to play games like GTA: vice city and other games like it in a smooth way. PPSSPP Gold is not available on the play store for free but on this website, you can download PPSSPP for free. PPSSPP is the only emulator through which you can play almost all the games and it guarantees a 100% smooth gaming experience. The updated version of PPSSPP has various new features that make this app worth downloading. Let us look at the features of its updated version.


  • HD Graphics:
    It is always fun to experience high-quality things. Such as watching a movie in HD quality is a completely different experience than watching it in low quality, similarly, playing the same game in HD quality is completely different than playing it in medium or low quality. PPSSPP Gold allows you to play games in HD graphics which means more fun while playing games with PPSSPP Gold.
  • Advanced Options:
    The gold version of PPSSPP has some really advanced gaming options such as resuming the game. for instance, you can save the game once you have paused it and later on you can resume it from the place you left off. for instance, you can save the game once you have paused it and later on you can resume it from the place you left off
  • Customization:
    Apps that offer customization options are wonderful, PPSSPP Gold apk file allows you to customize the game in your own way.
  • Supports PSP Games:
    PPSSPP Gold supports almost all PSP games. Download the PPSSPP gold apk file and enjoy unlimited PSP games for free.
  • Free of cost:
    You can find this app in Playstore but you have to pay some amount in order to download it. Here on our website, you can get the updated version of PPSSPP for free.
  • User Friendly:
    This app is really easy to use, it has no rocket science in it. An awesome app it is yet easy to use.
  • Updated:
    After updating process, a few new languages were added to this app apart from English, as English was already supported in PPSSPP. now this app also supports Russian and Ukrainian languages.

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How to use PPSSPP Gold?

First, download the apk file from our website then download the PPSSPP Gold app using the apk file. now after that, download the file of your desired game from google and save the file in downloads, now go to the PPSSPP gold app and extract the file from the downloads and click on it in order to play the game. Pretty simple, Isn’t it?

Additional Info:

This app also supports PS2 games.


We hope that, as now you have read the article, you are now aware of all the amazing features of PPSSPP gold and its basics. you can download the paid version of PPSSPP from Play Store and the free version from our website.