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May 28, 2023

PLDT Wifi Hacker Review:

Has this ever happened to you when you are at someone’s house; You aren’t frank enough to ask for wifi password and you are getting pretty bored there and the only way to get rid of that boredom is using social media? Still, you can’t because you don’t want to ask for the wifi password, have you ever been in this type of situation? okay, let’s imagine another situation too, your wifi is out of order and you badly want to use the internet and you know that your neighbors aren’t sweet enough to give wifi password. does it suck? yeah, we know it does. But don’t worry because now you don’t have to experience these situations again because now you can hack anyone wifi! yay hurray! but wondering how? Don’t worry let’s begin.

What is PLDT WiFi Hacker?

PLDT WiFi Hacker icon

PLDT WiFi Hacker is an app to hack wifi or helps to crack wifi passwords as you can guess from its name. PLTD wifi hacker originated in the Philippines as PLTD stands for Philippine long-distance telephone company, so we should keep in mind that this app will only work in the Philippines and will only crack Philippine’s wifi passwords. So if you are a Filipino then this app is designed for you. Download the app now and easily decrypt the wifi passwords and use the internet for absolutely free of cost.


Cracking Wifi Passwords:

PLTD wifi hacker is widely known for its feature to crack wifi passwords without any hassle.

Easy to use:

This app is easy to use, convenient for its users to use, and incredible yet simple.

More Benefits:

  • Only works in the Philippines.
  • Small in size doesn’t take up much storage on your phone
  • Free to use and bug-free

Pros and Cons:


  • Amazing yet simple to use
  • Free of cost
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A lot of free features


PLDT WiFi Hacker has one big problem and that is, it can only crack default wifi passwords. Wifi passwords of the modem that aren’t changed by its users, you can only change those passwords if the user has changed their default modem password then you won’t be able to crack their new password so we think that this a problem in the app because in today’s era mostly people change their modem’s default password due to security reasons so as a result, you won’t be able to use wifi for free.

How to Download PLDT WiFi Hacker?

This app isn’t available on Play Store as it violates some of the policies of play store but you don’t need to worry about that because now you can download the app from our website too without any charges. click on the download button to start the downloading process and allow your phone to install apps from 3rd party sources only then you’ll be able to get the app on your phone. so what are you waiting for? download the app now and enjoy cracking passwords effortlessly.

How to Use PLDT WiFi Hacker APK?

Okay, so once you have downloaded PLTD wifi hackers now click on the app icon to start the pp. first and foremost thing is the scanning. Click on the scan option to start the scanning process, now you’ll see a number of wifi signals on your screen, click on that wifi which is supported by PLTD, whose password is the default modem’s password and then you are free to enjoy unlimited internet. Hacking always feels cool and now you can do this too, after downloading the PLTD app cracking wifi passwords has become a matter of the left hand.