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Fap Ninja

1.0.15 for Android
2.3 and up
61.8 MB
January 16, 2024

Fap Ninja Review:

Fap Ninja is a simulation game that has hundreds of mini-games. Its UI is easy to use and works well with almost every Android device. Its latest APK is available to download for free from this page. Simply click on the download button above to get the apk file.

In the mini-games, you must complete a task within a specified time limit. For example, saving half-naked girls from the ropes, helping an octopus make friends, keeping condoms in different places, fixing a vibrator, and many other things.

What is Fap Ninja APK?

fap ninja apk icon

Fap Ninja APK is a game for Android that includes hundreds of mini-games. Each one has a storyline and a time limit. It’s important to finish each one in time. If you don’t, the characters will fall down and show funny pictures.

The main goal of each minigame is to get as many points as possible. You’ll make more money the faster you get to the end.

You can help girls from the ropes, fisherman, keep condoms in a safe place, and even fix a vibrator! Each one of these activities is fun and easy to play.


Amazing Gameplay:

It’s simple enough to play one-handed. Story-related puzzles in Fap Ninja’s games require rapid thinking. Problems can be solved logically or intuitively.

Mini Games

The app features 100 minigames. Mini-games have diverse stories and characters. Win each minigame like a level. You can try multiple things within the time limit because these puzzles cannot be solved.

2D images

This game has anime-style 2D graphics. This game evokes anime. The animated background and characters make this game enjoyable.

Erotic elements:

Minigames include mature content, thus under-18s shouldn’t play. Fap Ninja Apk is renowned because of its hilarious and sexy graphics.

No ads:

Ad-free games are easy to play. Play Fap Ninja online or offline.


This game’s free. Fap Ninja Apk is free. Since everything’s unlocked, there are no in-app purchases either.

Simple Interface:

Fap Ninja App is simple and enjoyable. Its UI is simple. This game’s setup makes puzzles simple.

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Fap Ninja APK is a game that combines mini-games with ninja-themed Japanese Manga art to keep you interested for a long time. It supports most Android devices and has an intuitive UI.

There are a lot of mini-games in Fap Ninja, and each one has its own storyline. These are enjoyable ways to compete with friends and family. They are also a good way to kill some time when you’re feeling bored or tired of your day-to-day routine.