Download TextNow-Free Text+Calls APK v5.75.1.0 For Android

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Download TextNow-Free Text+Calls APK: If your relatives are living in U.S.A, Canada, England and Australia and your landline or phone bills are hunting you then you should use this application to contact with your friends and family. The free application, download TextNow APK from this website, install it on your device, and call or send a message without of paying a single penny, TextNow originally a website, which allows people to call from- or send text messages without of any disturbance.

You would be wondering how one website can allow you to call on phone numbers without of paying a penny. Really, the application is amazing, but the working procedure of this application is quite simple. You download the application, sign in with your ID and password, and then you are permitted to take a virtual phone number from a list of numbers. You can pick one number from there, this will be a virtual number, the person on the other side will receive a call from your side or call you will be same like common calls which we make in daily life.

So, from that selected phone numbers, you can call or send a text message to a phone number. You can send a message to any number via using this application. So, the people who are creating some premium accounts and finding it difficult to get premium phone numbers can take advantage of this mind-blowing applications. Lots of people did start using for a negative purpose and created Facebook profiles, to send spam links to the users. Now, Facebook blocked the website and virtual phone numbers, you cannot use TextNow APK to create Facebook and Google Account now.

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So, you can get European phone numbers and use them to send messages or call on phone numbers. As, other applications needed the ID to connect with, so, if you do not remember the original ID address, you cannot find the person, while, via TextNow APK you direct contact on phone numbers.

This TextNow APK will work for you, as you have allocated a number for yourself, and your relatives who want to contact you will be able to contact you. The voice quality will be a lot better than other devices and mobile phones. Without of paying any carrier or network charge you are making phone calls and text messages.

You can have a very wonderful text message conversation over there, the great customizable backgrounds, wonderful background themes, ability to select an individual ringtone for a specific number and lots more will help you in having a good conversation.

Quick reply and thread message option to make your conversation with different contacts easy.

Google Smart lock will provide you best security and make your account safe.

You can upgrade the trial version to the premium version though, to gain the more feature and to increase the voice quality and voice mail quality better. If you just want to have a good conversation, then the trial version will work fine for you.

We already have updated the link to the latest version, if the link is not working or showing some errors, you can comment down in the comment section. Our team will provide you an instant response in any case of a problem.