Download Smart Poke V2 POK APK v0.4d2 For Android

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Download Smart Poke V2 POK APK: Smart Poke V2 APK has been released and the latest version for android is Pok v0.4d2. This app is an application that can help us to find Pokemon around us easily. Pokemon Go is a game that is very popular and highly anticipated in this year. Proven at soft release, this game has been downloaded and played by thousands of gamers in the aera. Looking for Pokemon is not difficult, but not all types of monsters can be found easily. This app brings some information about monsters around you.

From this app, your can see disappear time. This feature is very popular feature and is available in several tools. The next feature is the distance between your position and the monster. In my opinion, this is a feature that is quite important and unique. We can estimate the shortest distance and the time that we need fot get the monster. Those features are the most important feature to help us.

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Pokemon Go is the biggest thing that ever happened to the internet, and this new sensational game has encouraged other developers to create new apps for it. There are several Pokemon Goo map apps that help you find Pokemon near you. One of them is Smart Poke, which gives you a real time map on your device for finding Pokemon around you.

The Smart Poke APK download does not offer a big description. It just says that it offers a real time map that lets you known which Pokemon characters are active around you. You can then catch the Pokemon easily without having to roam here and there.

The latest Smart Poke download file comes with version number POK v0.4d2 (11). The new Smart Poke APK download file weighs 28.22 MB and works on Android 4.2+ devices. you can download Smart Poke APK latest version from via the source link below. It is worth noting that the app is no more listed on Google Play Store.

How to use this app is no easy: After you downloaded the Smart Poke V2, and then install this app, then open it, you must log in with your account. It encourage you to not use your primary account on this tool. Once logged in, you’ll see the map and in the righ area of the screen there is vertical bar that contains monsters around your. You can view specific information about this monster by tapping the monster. In addition to information about disappear time and distance., the application also has information about types of monsters, is it common or uncommon monster? So, the information will help beginners to identify monsters easily.

Features Of Smart Poke V2 POK v0.4d2 APK For Android:

  • Disappear time.
  • Distance.
  • Pokemon Type.
  • Map.