Download Quick Boot (Reboot) APK v4.8 For Android

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Download Quick Boot (Reboot) APK: For using this Quick Boot (Reboot) tool, you must have root permission; otherwise, this tool will not work for you. For accessing root access for your device, you can use any tool, we have given so many tools, you can download any of them and use. Like Framaroot, KingRoot which will give you a root access with the tap of the finger.

If you found your mobile phone or smartphone does not have a quick and advanced boot and reboot option, you can use this tool to have a quick boot and reboot tools, you should be aware that this tool cannot fastboot your mobile phone. So, the stuff you are going to do with this tool, you can normal reboot your phone, which does not have any button to reboot. The stuff saved into your phone storage, like contacts, movies, songs and other documents files will be removed after rebooting the phone. So, before rebooting or booting of the phone, take care of creating a backup file. You can create a backup file by using any other tool, which we have recommended for you in the above portion of the post.

So, now forget about everything about finding a boot and reboot option on the phone, you can have this tool to have a good boot and reboot option. And will clean up your phone will all the unnecessary and useless files which have sucked into your phone, and consuming memory and performance of your phone.

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Many of the friends think that this is a software problem or corruption of the OS, due to which they are not finding the boot and reboot option. That is totally wrong, there are in the built phone which does not have any such option. To get that option in that phone you need to use ADB terminal for getting the advance mode on the phone like that.

These are some more features of using Quick Boot (Reboot) APK.

  • You can get a normal boot and reboot of the phone which do not have any boot or reboot option.
  • You can be entered into the safe mode with just one tap.
  • Have normal boot options.
  • Fast boot and reboot options.
  • Restarting and starting of the UI in case of stuck fast boot option.
  • Boot/Reboot bootloader.
  • Reboot the phone to get the recovery.

Before using this application, you need to take care of something which I am going to explain in next lines.

In the safe mode of the Android OS, using this Quick Boot (Reboot) APK, you will see all the applications which you have been installed on your phone will be disabled. You should not be a worry; this is the normal working algorithm of this application.

So, if you are finding the applications are disappearing for more than half an hour, you should use the force power off button and should remove the battery once to gain all the available applications.

The mobile devices which have no removable battery option first manage to have a computer, to gain disappeared mobile apps and then use this application; otherwise, you would get a bricked phone.

So, you can download Quick Boot (Reboot) APK, from the link below, we already have updated the link, tap the download button and get the file. If the link is not working or showing some errors, comment down in the section.