Download Messenger Lite APK v53. For Android

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I guess you all thinking how we shall stay connected with our loved once like relatives, friends or family members through messenger lite. Let me explain:

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What is it? It is a shortcut of Facebook Messenger and it is officially developed by Facebook for their users to send text messages, make video call, and audio call and share photos to their loved once. The best thing about Messenger Lite is that it occupies less space than the standard version, occupying a little less than 10 megabytes. It allows you to do the basic functions such as send and receive messages with other users. You can also send links, photographs, as well as receive stickers. It is much smaller and less demanding than the main messenger App.

Difference Between Messenger & Messenger Lite APK:

Messenger Lite is lightweight version of messenger App. Messenger Lite requires less storage space than the actual version, and uses less data meaning users can potentially save money and time. In other hand, messenger requires more storage and consumes more data, battery and space.

Messenger Lite APK Features:

The best features of Messenger Lite APK are as under:

  • Installs quickly.
  •  It’s storage is  less than 10MBs to download
  • Saves data.
  • It loads faster and uses less data of the user.
  • Works everywhere. When you are in an area with slow and unstable connection Messenger Lite allows you to do messages as faster as in a well connection area.
  • With messenger lite you can connect any one of your Facebook friends
  • You can send photos.
  • You can share links.
  • You can send audio messages.
  • You can also send stickers to express yourself and your emotions.
  •  You can create groups.
  • You can enjoy a quality of audio and video call.

How to Use it:

First you have to download this amazing application on you smart phone or tablet, after you have to open it and login to it using your Facebook ID and password you can also connect this with the Facebook app.