Download DroidSQLi APK v2.0 For Android

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Download DroidSQLi APK. If you are annoyed to a website and want to squeeze it down to make garbage off the site, this post will help you a lot. Read till the end, and use the mentioned application or software, to hack any website.

You know every website has a data base, the website on which you are reading this article also owns a database, and database saved in tables, rows, and columns. All the information, all the data, all the knowledge saved in those columns and rows. What will happen if you make some little changes on those columns and rows? A little change will shape off the entire site and will show nothing there, just an error message.

DroidSQLi APK is such kind of application to hack a website SQL data base. It will only work for that website which is vulnerable database or SQL. It will work like, you need to put the targeted website URL and just tap on Inject, and the injection will attack the targeted website. As I have mentioned earlier, the DroidSQLi APK will squeeze the entire data base available for the website, and vulnerable websites are allowed to attack by this application.

As you are desired to hack a website by using your mobile phone device, so, you have to download this application on your Android phone device. Tap on the link below, which we have given to you, and install this on your mobile phone device. This application is in APK format, and will not be found on Google Play Store, as Google does not allow an unethical or illegal application to be on their platform.

As I have mentioned, Google Play Store will not allow this application to be on their platform, and you are installing this on your device manually, you have to change some device setting.

Tap on the setting of your Android phone, tap on security setting or security and check the unknown sources button. This will help you in installing the application which is not from Google Play Store.

Now, you are ready to put the desired URL and tap on inject button right after the URL, and within some moments you will see a hacked website or down website due to server errors and the message will be showing on the website URL.

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I was describing the Vulnerable website, how would you come to know which website is vulnerable and which is not. You should type the URL of the desired website and put ‘ comma right after the website like’. The website which will be vulnerable show after pressing the inject button on the given windows of DroidSQLi APK.

So, if your novice and interested in hacking or downing a website, you can use this tool. This will help you a lot in your first project of hacking. Use this application or software only for the positive or educational use or purpose. Any negative use will be upon on you, we are not responsible for that, any illegal use will lead you to the dead end.

We already have given a download link at the end of this post, tap on the download button and download the DroidSQLi APK. If the link is not working or showing some errors, comment down in the comment section.